Questions about becoming a consultant

Like to become a consultant? Frequently asked questions...

1. Do I have to do demos?
No, you have the choice of doing what you want to do, as little or as much as you like. Some consultants sell to family and friends (and of course buy for themselves at the consultant price), others teach workshops, and others do it all. However, Free Make and Take Demonstrations are an excellent way to get more exposure to customers and students. They are fun and easy to do and are FREE for customers to see our great range of products and workshops

2. Do I need  an ABN #?
No, not until your turnover (list price sales, teaching income and team income) exceed $75,000 pa.

3. Are there geographical areas and are there any restrictions?
Kaszazz is not an area based business. You can go anywhere in Australia. The only restrictions you have are: You cannot set up a retail outlet or sell online (which includes eBay and websites).

4. I have heaps of other scrapbooking and card making products, can I still use these?
Of course you can. Kaszazz has lots of consultants who have been with other direct sales companies or have been independently teaching and sourcing their own supplies, and they have now joined Kaszazz. You will find that using our products will be more beneficial, as you will make commission on the sales, plus you have a stunning catalogue to sell from that makes it so much easier. You also have Kaszazz head office doing all the product supply for you, as well as providing your host, customer and new consultant gifts, which all makes it a lot easier to make an income.

5. What is the minimum sales requirement to stay on as a consultant?
$390 of list price sales, from your first full 4 month block after you join, e.g. if you join in September, October, November or December your first full 4 month block will finish 30 April, therefore you have until the 30th April to place a $390 order. This order does not have to be all at once. $390 averages out at $98rrp each month. (TIP incentives are available in your first 8 weeks & 10 days).

6. What training and resources are available?
There is a “Consultants ONLY” area of the Kaszazz website where we have 100’s of projects ready for you to teach and demonstrate at any one of the 3 Kaszazz Customer Events (FREE Make and Take Demos, 2 hour (2H) workshops and Master Classes (MC). Team Training Days are open to ALL consultants and are held every 4 months, January, May & September in most States of Australia. These are fun and they generally include two new workshops and a business session, plus you get to see the new products, all for only $60. Most leaders also run team meetings, monthly.

7. When can I start ordering and recruiting?
As soon as Kaszazz receives your paperwork and processes them (usually the same day) they will email you, with instructions on how to access the Consultant area of the website. You can then download the documents you need, including the spreadsheet for ordering and all of the projects sheets for the 3 customer events. You can recruit immediately.

8. How much are the Kaszazz catalogues and the freight?
Catalogues are $4.95 for Consultants ($9.95rrp for customers to purchase). Freight is very reasonable, it varies with every order. Remember we are Australian so it is only coming from Adelaide. The $5 handling fee that your customers pay helps cover this so the consultant is not out of pocket.

9. What is the commission?
20% (excluding GST price), plus a bonus 5% to 10% personal sales commission for sales over $500 in one month. The 10% Hostess incentive is provided free from Kaszazz and doesn’t come out of your commission.

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